Friday, December 10, 2010

it's been a long time

so, it's pretty much been about 2 months since my last post and i feel pretty terrible that i haven't been as faithful as i wanted to be with this.
however, school has taken control of my life and i am finally getting a chance to breathe. 
exactly one week from today i will FINALLY be graduating & i can't wait for that bittersweet moment to come as one chapter in my life ends and another begins.

in the meantime, since i finally know what free time looks like again, i decided i would update on what has happened in the last 2 months with a little blog in pictures according to my iPhone.. 

enjoyed a night out with my favorite girls & found a new little pizza place to love. 

went on a road trip & found some solid advice.lucky me!

rekindled my love for baseball.


got to hold the most handsome little man i know.
had a tiny obsession with friendship bracelet making.

spent a few days with super hero's & villains.

FUNfetti cake with my favorite toothless 7 yr. old
had a double date with my best friend :)
several nights listening to music from one of my favorite musicians.
sister FINALLY got her driver's license!
discovered my best chips. EVER! your welcome.
still trying to get in the Christmas spirit by putting up our tree.

unexpected blessing of a brand new car!
after painting & unpacking...breaking in Jenn's new apartment with some delicious Chinese food!

after 2 1/2 mths. of not working out [and too much chinese food] i begin once again.lame excuse for a bathroom picture, but i lost 25 lbs since January... i'm pretty proud.

found the biggest leaf i ever did see. o happy day!
celebrated the last day of ever having to go to class again!!