Tuesday, March 22, 2011

jesus & headbands.

as if that already doesn't sound like they go together haha (i think i'm the only person who thought that was funny)...we made it happen last monday night. recently, a few girls from church and i have been getting together for some jesus time on monday evenings. it's been such a wonderfully difficult time of learning. i am forever being changed by each time we meet.

growing up, i wasn't too fond of "girl time" or even having girls as friends. i thought it was lame. and i didn't really want anything to do with girls, but as i have become older & have gone through some hardships, jesus showed me how much i need other women. even if it's just a time for us to craft & hang out.
SO we were getting together last week to you know..talk about that awesome man we love & it somehow magically transformed into a hot glue gun & fabric fiesta.

God bless girl time.
i love you all.

*shout out to christne, i forgot to get you in a photo!