Tuesday, September 6, 2011

here we go again

alright guys, i know i've said this more than once, but i'm going to try this blog thing again. honestly, i must say that this is more of a need this time around. a need for me more than a need for anyone else.

of course, it is fall again! {not officially, but i'll take a 68 degree morning & claim it for fall as often as i can} & if you have ever read any of my 5 posts you will see that i have a slight obsession with this season. it really excites me, thus leaving me feeling that i can indeed conquer this here blogging business.

so as often as i can, i will be here giving you little fragments of what is going on here in this life i live.


Honestly, lately i have been struggling a whole lot with pretty much everything in life. i am not exaggerating. life has seemed to be so much harder these days. and i have been letting life get the best of me. definitely working on changing my persepctive {hence the "let's blog about happy things & get positive" ambition}. So here i am--blogging about life--and learning to be able to step back & cherish the life i have been given.

really finding this print helpful today.