Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{clean eating} peanut butter oatmeal

i love breakfast foods. i could eat them all day. everyday. it is my most favorite meal ever. i will always be up for having breakfast even if i'm not hungry. i just want to give breakfast a huge hug. anyone with me? ever since this whole clean eating lifestyle has been going on, my breakfasts no longer consist of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, hash browns, muffins, french toast, etc. not to say that there aren't clean(er) version of these foods. however, in an effort to sort of simplify my morning routine, i committed to egg whites with random veggie's on the side and of course, either some sprouted ezekiel bread or tortillas to jump start my day. 

but can we keep it real for just a second? 
egg whites give me the WORST GAS. EVER. 

nothing like working out at the gym and watching the most muscular built men pass out because of ME. okay that doesn't really happen (the passing out) but the passing the toxic gasses out happens all the time. everywhere. anytime; any place. it's hilarious, but at times so super embarrassing. thankfully everyone at the gym thinks its my boyfriend... ha! it wasn't until a few weeks ago that i actually discovered the cause for such a fragrance and in order to save face, i've given those nuggets of protein a rest for now. the quest to find alternative breakfast foods that weren't loaded with sugar, yet gave me a good source of protein, carbs and quick to fix in the morning before work was something i thought i would never find. that was, until i found this recipe {found on pinterest, duh!}

it is the perfect fall time breakfast. so delicious AND filling. so perfect and easy to make. i've been eating it every morning for the past two weeks, and have yet to grow tired of it. so i thought it would be a good little recipe to share so you could add it to your morning routine. 

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Clean Eating Peanut Butter Oatmeal
(makes 2 servings) 

1-1/2 cups cooked oats (definitely have only tried this with almond milk vs. water) 
2 tbsp. clean peanut butter (PB2 would probably be perfect)
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tbsp. honey 
 **i also dded a 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein

(these are really complicated, so pay attention)

Step 1: heat up oatmeal (usually 1 minute works) 
Step 2: Combine rest of ingredients in a small bowl/mason jar/dish of your choice and mix until everything is combined. 
Step 3: eat
Step 4: take a deep breath
Step 5: enjoy! 
Step 6: reflect on how tomorrow you can sleep in if you want to since this recipe takes about 3 minutes max to put together. 

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Thanks, Tiffany for such a delicious and simple recipe and all of the other delicious CLEAN recipes  i can't wait to try!