Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Very soon, these empty spaces will be a new place to call home. a  new season. a place to grow. the quiet & the stillness that will push me to get to a place to discover myself; to step in to more of my own skin than ever before. my own space to entertain, clean, cook, read, sleep, be lazy, drink wine. i am excited, anxiously awaiting the official move in date. a date when it all becomes real; when boxes upon boxes will be shuffled to their new location. a date when i can point to empty spaces and fill them with those things that somehow materialistically define who i am. completely guilty of daydreaming about the least important items in which i will fill my new home with. trying to focus on the most essential of things. 

as i remind myself to hold off on the daydreaming i challenge myself to be intentional about these next few weeks: to enjoy the company of my family and the accessibility of their presence; to cherish moments & opportunities; to reflect on memories and hold them dear. to be reminded of seasons and the time for changing. 

so thankful for this time & for those who have invested to make this possible. i can't even begin to thank each and every one of you.