Friday, September 9, 2011

still learning

it seems that just when i think i've completely understood or have the grasp of what forgiveness is, something happens that puts me in a place where i must choose forgiveness. you see, for so many years i've thought that forgiving someone meant disregarding anything that was said or done against me, that i wasn't allowed to continue to be hurt, or that i was just being a pushover. i always knew forgiveness was the right thing to do, but i haven't really been doing it correctly or really understood it in any aspect.. ever. 

fortunately, God continues to try to teach me true forgiveness (which seems like a daily lesson). i'm thankful for the wisdom his has sent to me through his people to teach me what forgiveness is. you see i've learned that forgiveness merely means cancelling the debt owed. the more i reflect on that definition, the more i am humbled by God's constant forgiveness in my life and the power that forgiveness possesses to set a person free. i realize just that much more how imperfect & fallen i am. i have no right not to extend this to anyone. i am no better than the next. 

it is interesting again how God uses broken things to reveal himself to his people. 
it is interesting how God uses earthly relationships to correct the thinking of his people. 
it is beautiful that God would do such things. 

 ...the foolishness of His love has saved me....