Tuesday, May 22, 2012

growing up {way too fast!}

meet oakley.
my 9 month old feisty little puppy.
my australian shephard/border collie high maintenance companion.  
found wandering the street. 
{breaks my heart every time i think about it}

from the moment i saw his picture it was love at first sight.
i mean...
could you resist a face like this?
yea, he knows what he's doing... 
spoiled loved.

he's the best dog. EVER. 
and of course by best i mean cutest. 
we are still having some manner issues. 
he's the best running partner 
& cuddle buddy.
and i am convinced that if he could talk, would be the best conversation partner. 

even though he has the tendency to turn into a wolf/vampire at night,
i still love him every bit; especially when he's sleeping. 

fun oakley facts:

 favorite trick: shake with BOTH paws
favorite place to nap: 4th step on the stairs
favorite snack: PEANUT BUTTER (we are so much alike!)
afraid of : people on bicycles/garbage truck
latest accomplishment: recent graduate of beginner training class with PERFECT attendance :)

needless to say, i'm one proud puppy mamma!
 at times it's tough, but i do not regret giving into to those sweet puppy eyes. one bit.
i love you, oakley!