Wednesday, May 23, 2012

oh, what a day is today!

the past few days have been emotionally cramping my style...

i can't tell if it's from lack of any sort of crying over the past 6 months or the never ending to do list at work that i can never seem to cross things off of. i'm usually a jolly old soul, but the stress has been really exhausting this week.

fortunately, for the sake of me keeping some sort of sanity, God decided it would be a good idea to allow humanity to create things such as Zumba, acrylic paints, canvas totes, and Chick-fil-A; all of which i've allowed myself to indulge in over the past two days. my oh my, how crazy good all these frustrations can be used for something other than indulging in the oh so tempting chocolate & nut covered candy apple that was definitely shoved in my presence the minute things started to get sticky. 

i'm thankful that sometimes after a really really terrible day that i can come home and work on a project i've been meaning to get my hands on for weeks but probably wouldn't have turned out like i wanted without the channeling of said frustrations. i'm thankful that something so tiny as painting stupid  little hearts on a canvas tote can somehow relieve and make me feel that maybe my day wasn't so bad after all; that tomorrow is a new day. and if tomorrow sucks; then i always have the candy apple to keep me company. 

xoxo, tina