Friday, May 25, 2012

favorite {summer} things

it's friday! and i couldn't be more excited about the coming weekend and the chance to have several hours of doing nothing but enjoying the sunshine and some quality rest time. and what a better way to end the work week than to have a little time with the boyfriend cooking a homemade meal and tasting the fruits of our labor? in the event of such cooking, of course, comes the scavenger hunt of ingredients at our local Whole Foods store... And call me crazy, BUT, i absolutely love grocery shopping and discovering new foods and drinks to dive in and try. and while i am no photography expert, i love nothing more than snapping a few shots of some of these things that i have found a new love for. 

looking forward to shoving more of the items below in my face this summer
 minus the happy puppy...unless we are talking kisses :)  

happy weekend, 
<3 tina