Thursday, May 31, 2012

oh dear....

so i just discovered a very unhealthy obsession with one orla kiely. definitely on my lunch break. definitely realizing as i type how quickly i have already found myself attached to such pretty things; things that i could never in my life ever pay full price to own, despite this terrible crush i have on EVERYTHING i've already laid my eyes on. 

{you already know that i had to click that tiny x a the top of my browser to try to contain myself.}

 literally, all it took was one click from this blog and i knew it was over. of course, said blog would have the cutest little arrangement of orange things, and not too many, of course, because we all know how overwhelmed i get with too many options, and  how very nice of her to conveniently place links for each of her precious little finds right there for ME to gravitate towards...ugh. 

 so now, you see, i'm in a rut; between a rock and hard place; in a freaking bind... (well not really, but follow me).... because of course, i'm in love now and can't take my eyes of such beautiful things. and so to sort of make myself feel better, i thought i'd blog about it. ya know, vent a little, because we all know no person physically wants to hear about my issues of infatuation with such materialistic items. i thought to myself, go ahead get it all out there in the blogging community to possibly take this silliness down a notch...

however, since i've just been sitting here typing my heart out for the past 5 minutes, i have come to the conclusion that said venting is only making the excitement worse. due to such circumstances i have deemed it acceptable to share a few of my favorite things with you, you know, just to ensure that i won't be alone in this wonderfulness; you can thank me later. 

6. source 

you. are. welcome.