Monday, June 4, 2012

random thoughts on a monday night

1. can't believe it's summer already!
2. excited for pool parties, weddings, and vacations that these next few months bring
3. currently enjoying runs; although tonight's mile was a lot harder than the 3 miles i ran thursday
4. regret the decision i made to not do laundry yesterday
5. hoping that my 'sweet dreams' consist of creative wardrobe ideas as said laundry is not done
6. hatfields & mccoys feud on the history channel is extremely intriguing. seriously. watch it. now!
7. excited about the 88 keys from a gutted piano to make art with for a good friend of mine
8. crossing my fingers that i have not mysteriously acquired strep throat
9. wishing that i would have taken more photos from my weekend at the zoo & joe t garcia's
10. thankful for a comfy bed & snuggly puppy to look forward to

night, night.

photo cred: michael :)