Sunday, June 10, 2012

current jam.

this song has gotta be one of my favorite anthem type songs. you know, songs that cause you to almost scream "amen" to every word, fist pump in the air, or do a little drum beat on the steering wheel?  i heard the most beautiful acoustic version of this song this morning and fell in love with it all over again. the lyrics are so true for me in so many different ways that i'd probably have to write an entire essay just to explain how. i'm convinced that there's nothing better than finding a song (or two) to really relate to during a new season in life. there's something so relieving when every word, sentence, thought seems to be saying all the things that you have been feeling, allowing an opportunity to really summarize and make sense of all the clutter that has been piling up for days. there's just something comforting in the fact that someone somewhere else has felt these very same things you have been feeling; something sentimental in knowing you aren't alone in your experiences; a healing there that reaches your soul! i am in a place right now where there is much i want to say, but have learned that sometimes just because i feel like saying something doesn't necessarily mean that i should for the time beingand while i realize that maybe posting all of this really contradicts my last statement, i couldn't help but share this song anyway and you know....vent, of course. so thank you in advance for taking the time to digest some of my random thoughts.