Friday, June 8, 2012

on being still.

if you've stopped by this week, then you may or may not have caught on to the fact that i have had sort of a rough week to say the least. so you can imagine how thankful i am that it is so close to being the weekend and a chance to sort of have some ME time. one of my biggest weaknesses is that i do not know how to naturally be still and stop to reflect on things. i have the tendency to put myself last and keep myself busy with plans, errands, crafting, laundry, you name it.... always the need to do something other than deal with myself. 

can i get an amen? 

i've realized how terrible it is to do that to myself in the long run. to not give myself any type of soul maintenance. to not love myself enough to stop and be still and really care about me. always, i live to please everyone else. while i believe that i was created to love others and live sacrificially, i don't think that ever meant to push myself so far off of the road.

so my goal this weekend, and hopefully consistently, is to spend some time being still; to meditate on the Word and how it applies directly to me without anyone else's opinions tied to it. to let It tell me who I am instead of letting everything else in this world dictate these things to me. to care about myself enough so i can learn to really love myself and in fact love others better. 

here's to loving yourself enough to be still. 
have a happy, take care of yourself, weekend!