Thursday, January 17, 2013

sway me now...

i have been meaning to post, but have yet to muster up the energy to type out all of the ideas in my head or to give an adequate update of what has been going on since this post. i promise, it's coming soon! BUT, i just stumbled upon the most beautiful & romantic pictures of cooking & food (yes, i said ROMANTIC) ... and thought i would share them with you. i thought i would share them because they inspire me. they inspire me to fall in love with cooking; to spend quality time in the kitchen; a sudden realization of the song and dance that is cooking....a swaying of sorts. over time i have developed an itch for becoming a food photographer and am convinced that this has pushed me over the edge...seriously guys, i'm pretty sure that  i need to go ahead and invest in some photography classes because as much as i love my instagram pictures (also as seen above), nothing can compare to what you are about to witness... nothing. at. all. *sigh*... and even if you don't enjoy these like i do, take the time to read her posts. she is a wonderful writer of stories. 

and of course, i have included a song for you to listen to as you scroll up and down the pages of this blog. and if rosemary clooney isn't your thing, try out some pavarotti. besides, you should ONLY listen to this music while cooking anyway.... if not, you are completely missing out.