Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birds & Canvas

 When it comes to gift giving, I LOVE to make the gifts, if I can. 
Giving gifts, for me, is one way I can show the person that I have been paying attention to the things they like. 

I'm all about making/buying gifts that are unique to that one person. 
You would not believe the impact just one thoughtful gift can have on a person. 
It makes them feel treasured.
I like being able to demonstrate my love for this person in this fun way.

SO, about a month ago, I found myself trying to come up with an idea for my good friend Jennifer's birthday present. To sum her up in one word...

Plus, she is graduating in December & will have a new place so I thought the perfect gift would be some wall art to decorate those bare walls!! 

I happened to find the perfect gift to make. 

Isn't it beautiful? 
You won't believe how stinkin' easy this was! 

Before, I begin this fun tutorial for you guys I want to give complete credit to Ashley Ann whose blog is seriously wonderful & full of more DIYs that look like so much fun.


Here is what you will need:
[any size works]
[I used a gray color for the canvas]
Paint brushes 
Mod Podge 
Scrapbook paper  
[find your favorite prints, mix n' match]

Since the birds were the focal point of the wall art, I tried to find two contrasting patterns like these first: 

I chose my other patterns to accent the the main colors of the two above to really pull everything together.  
{I got everything at Hobby Lobby for under $20, minus the Mod Podge that I already's so handy!}

Step 1:
 If you are painting the canvas, go ahead and paint a few coats to the shade of your hearts desire.
Step 2: 
 While your canvas is drying, cut your random scrapbook paper for your leaves.
[You can either free hand this or draw the leaf shape on the wrong side of the paper and then cut]
Step 3: 
Before I glued down my leaves, I laid them out on the canvas in the positions I wanted so I could play around with them until they were just right. 
Step 4:  
After you have figured out the exact position for your leaves, draw (with pencil) the branches to connect everything together. 

Step 5: 
 Glue down the paper. I applied Mod Podge to the back of the paper and then stick them on the canvas.
[Make sure you do a thin layer on the back so they won't bubble.] 
After I glued them down, I went back over the top & edges of the paper and applied another thin layer of Mod Podge. 
Step 6:  
Once the Mod Podge dries, you can paint your branches. Easy breezy!

Just like this.... 

(i painted my branches a little bit thicker than i wanted, but it still came don't stress out if you mess up, it will just make it more unique!)

For the birds, I initially tried to free hand them, but seeing as how God did not give me the gift to draw, I just blew up the original photo of the DIY, cut out the birds, and traced them on the backside of the two patterns. I glued them down the same way that I did the leaves. 

the Mod Podge dries clear, however, when it did dry, it left the surrounding edges of all the leaves and birds a little darker shade than the entire canvas. In order to fix this just repaint the canvas to get it to it's new darker shade. 

Here is my finished product:

It was so exciting to give these to her & see her reaction. I honestly wasn't sure if I liked them as much as the original, but she LOVED them. 

Now they have found a new home here in Jenn's room until she finally gets her new place!

I can't wait to see their new home after graduation! 

P.S. All of these pictures were courtesy of the beloved iPhone. As much as I love this phone, I do not love how the pictures look. I promise next DIY will be with a much better camera! 

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!

Have a great Wednesday! 

Love, Tina.