Sunday, September 26, 2010

tis autumn

If you are from Texas and you are like me, you are probably overflowing with excitement on this here Sunday afternoon.
Before I continue, let me explain this loveliness, for it is like no other.

It is the kind of unstoppable excitement that puts you in the best.mood.ever.

 It is the kind of giddyness that makes you want to give everyone you see a hug.
It is the kind of inner joy that makes you forget that tomorrow is Monday.
It is the kind of happiness that homework can't even ruin.

This kind of excitement gives your butterflies in your stomach because it outside!!!!!

 {amazing, beautiful, cardigan wearing, sun shining FALL weather}

Go ahead, admit it. Do a happy dance. You love fall too!

Now, that you have discovered your hidden love for the fall, I can continue.
For all of you who don't know me, let me establish a few things:

 I am in  love obsessed with all. things. FALL.

So, in celebration of the first official day of fall weather, I have put together a few reasons to make you want to love fall even more.

happy fall to all of you!

{get excited}

the possibility of pumpkins.

leaves. crunchy-color changing-happiness.

mmmm.. apple pie.

pumpkin spice latter via Starbucks. simply magical.

cardigans :) don't think i could ever have enough.

scarves!! i can't wait to add to my collection.

the capability to wear an outfit like this...i'm pretty sure it came from my dreams.

the BEST scented candle for a fall smell indoors.
Leaves from Bath & Body Works.