Friday, March 11, 2011

friday & friends

SO thankful it's Friday!

I had pretty much a rough, don't care, no make up, barely able to function, too tired to eat kind of day yesterday...all thanks to a lack of sleep. BUT it's amazing what a whole 8 hrs. of catch up sleep can do for someone! it's magic.


went to this restaurant today for lunch...A-mazing & DELICIOUS. guys, i even tried some sushi.. i know, BIG day!! all you fish lovers out there should be proud of this girl. i would like to give all the credit of my living life on the edge to my solid 8 hours of sleep and to Friday. cheers to you both. had you caught me on tuesday for lunch on 7 hours of sleep, i would've given you my talk-to-the-hand gesture. seriously. no lie.                                                        

only 30 minutes left here at work, then off to mt. leb for a retreat :) can't wait to share. hope you guys have a great weekend!

xoxo well-rested Tina