Friday, July 13, 2012

progresso y mexico

about a week ago, my life consisted of nothing but sunshine & fruity drinks, deliciously authentic mexican food, historic strolls, hot sunshine, clear oceans, and palm trees. oh how i miss that hot sun that gave me a good tan to make me look like the mexican i really am (even if i don't speak spanish fluently... !) i am seriously so thankful to have gone on a vacation that separated me from the rest of the realities of this world and forced me to step away from the cell phone & e-mails that seemed to clog up my daily routine. being a person that needs to have some sort of purpose in my day, i gave myself one task of documenting this awesome week via photos. i'm usually one of those people who set out to take a million pictures on vacation and then end up leaving my camera in the room because i'd rather not carry it around everywhere i go. so i'd say i'm pretty proud of myself for actually doing what i set out to do! and because i'm such a nice person, i'd thought i'd share a few of the snapshots from our vaction. 

So ... enjoy!