Friday, July 13, 2012

today = refreshing

so i am much grateful for the fact that it's friday! 
(aren't i always? hmm) 

seriously though, this day has been filled with so many blessings and of course, it's a "cheers to happiness" type of day! so in honor of such happy times, here are a few things that have started my weekend off right & a few things that i'm look forward to, as well :) 

1. a long awaited bonus showing up unexpectedly in my bank account
2. a stress free work day 
3. early morning & lunch time play time with Oakley 
4. free starbucks refresher at lunch time...YUMM-O
5. chickfila for lunch, duh! 
6.afternoon run
7. dinner double date night & margaritas
8. surprise date night adventure tomorrow
9. hair cut tomorrow 
10. enchiladas at grandma's on sunday

hope your weekend is refreshing!