Monday, September 24, 2012

my weekend in pics (via Instagram)

an evening well spent at the drive-in watching cartoon movies in 3D like kids. 
an outfit matching at the gym; which happens quite frequently
an act of fall obsession ...
a fall obsession manifested into a late night pumpkin decor party
a new found favorite treat yo self cup of perfection
i had such an enjoyable, relaxing, and surprisingly productive weekend. spent a lot of time actually resting. lesson learned for the weekend: DON'T STRESS OUT! amazing what happens when you don't try to plan out every second of your life in fear that you won't get things done. because somehow this weekend, everything got done. all of it. i even napped on sunday...which NEVER happens. it was glorious! i'm trying to be more mindful of giving myself a break every once in a while, treating myself to the little things in life, and relaxing. not easy for me naturally, but so worth it. thankful for breakdowns that lead me to positive truths. 

happy monday,