Friday, September 23, 2011

'tis autumn!

first day of fall=my favorite day of the year! 
(proof here & here)

i'm already loving the cool weather we have had this week.
i'm bundled up in my cardigan today (mostly because it's freezing at work!)
so ready to light my leaves candle. 
also, looking forward to completing this list of fall fun. 
over all, i'm just so pumped for a new season of whatever life brings. 
i'm already feeling a bit of peace & contentment this week.

love these lyrics, they make me smile: 

"Then the birds got together to chirp about the weather
After makin their decision,
in birdie-like precision,
Turned about,
and made a beeline to the south.
My holding you close really is no crime
Ask the birds
and the trees
and old Father Time.
La-di-dah di-dah-di-dum,
tis autumn!" 

happy friday! 
<3 T